The "Erdzwerg"

Why ???

Enjoyment, community, assimilation; an evening full of atmosphere among one’s fold; fun and good mood, high spirits and feasting. In times of a “biological hype” matters of health, environment, innocence, wood and nature are important elements for our consumers as well.

What ???

Our product called “Erd-Zwerg“ (“earth-dwarf“) is an alcoholic cocktail composed of sweet must and brandy (compare: Pineau des Charentes). Its alcoholic strength varies from 16 to 22 % vol. The beverage tastes sweet but it has a certain nip of tartaric acid. It is suitable perfectly as an appetizer.

“Erd-Zwerg” should represent the perfect alcoholic drink for our customers as it is delicious and you know its roots and its components.
In contrast to other alcoholic liquors and spirits circulating on the current market being colourful pigmented, featuring a complicated list of ingredients and tasting in a funny way, our “Erd-Zwerg” is a mere native beverage – coming even fresh from the vineyard! The ingredients (brandy & must) are known by everybody. A “green breath of naturalness” should be left after this pleasure.

Alcoholic strength: between 16 and 22 % vol.
Barrel: flagon with 0,375 l („Stifterl“); olive-green bottle with a shrill label